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Spices are really a collection of hundreds of years of human history, exploring and gathering throughout the world. Join us to explore the world of spices.

“The bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot.”

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Chef / Kitchen Vet

I want The Knead Feed to become a platform to collaborate with talented people in the industry, also a recipe book to showcase the many flavors of the world. I continue to learn every day and want to share my knowledge with the community.

Bee Keeper
Culinary Storytelling

The Heritage of Honey

Honey predates human history, so how did humans first learn about honey? it’s safe to say that it was a lesson that had a huge impact.

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Culinary Storytelling

The Tale Of Two Piscos

The Rise of Peruvian Pisco South America may not be the first continent that springs to mind, when you’re talking about brandy. Hailing from Peru and

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