Culinary Origin Stories

The Knead Feed is bringing history to your plate one ingredient at a time. We explore where our food comes from and how it has connected cultures throughout time. The universal language of food doesn’t discriminate against age, background or economic standing, but gives us a way to communicate on the most primal level.

Join chef Graham Heldreth’s journey as we explore topics of culinary diversity, heritage, and how it affects the way we eat today. Follow The Knead Feed as we discover our culinary origin stories. 

From Our Travels

Food tends to be is a great unifier across all cultures around the world. Countries are broken down into regional segments, where the language, food, and people can differ immensely. Yet gathering with family and friends around a shared meal is inherently the same. I find myself always planning my next trip based on the food experience that I want to have. It has always driven me to discover new cuisine. Let’s look at the origins of your favorite dishes and how they became so iconic.

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Spices are really a collection of hundreds of years of human history, exploring and gathering throughout the world, and we continue to use them to explore exotic new recipes. Dive into the world of spices we use in our everyday kitchens.

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About Me

In 2019 I created The Knead Feed to share stories, inspirations, and ideas featuring the people, places, and food that have inspired my culinary journey. I want The Knead Feed to become a platform to collaborate with talented people in the industry, also a recipe book to showcase the many flavors of the world. I am committed to promoting sustainability and believe that food gives us the opportunity to be more mindful of how we treat the planet and each other.

My career as a chef spans more than sixteen years and includes posts in some of the nation’s top restaurants. The passion for all things food was sparked at a young age. At 19 I attended the Culinary School of the Rockies, in Boulder Colorado. Armed with my formal education, I set off on a culinary adventure throughout the west coast and Hawaii, cooking at top-notch restaurants along the way.

Eventually returning Los Angeles’ I landed at one of best restaurants, working under world-renowned chef Thomas Keller at Bouchon of Beverly Hills. I recently spent the past two years as a restaurant consultant in Northern Thailand where I opened two restaurants.

After traveling and eating throughout southeast Asia, I’m back in California creating one-of-kind culinary experiences as a private chef. Currently, I love to share my passion for food and culinary storytelling through The Knead Feed and look forward to creating quality content for all my readers.



Bee Keeper
Culinary Storytelling

The Heritage of Honey

Honey predates human history, so how did humans first learn about honey? it’s safe to say that it was a lesson that had a huge impact.

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Culinary Storytelling

The Tale Of Two Piscos

The Rise of Peruvian Pisco South America may not be the first continent that springs to mind, when you’re talking about brandy. Hailing from Peru and

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“Context and Memory Play Powerful Roles In all Truly Great Meals”


Fermentation Series Coming Soon

We’re currently working on a definitive guide on all things fermentation. I want to explore the benefits of fermented foods and their role throughout history and across many cultures.

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